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What one achieves says a lot about one’s abilities. Here you can get a sense of our capabilities by following a few of the accomplishments we have achieved over the past ten years.




Marketing & Strategy

We researched the market's perception of Ericsson pertaining to Bluetooth when Bluetooth technology had just been launched. Subsequently, we put together the brand platform and then re-profiled all communication tools such as PR, advertising, sales material, magazine, online media and the Internet. Six months later Ericsson was viewed as the inventor and leader in Bluetooth technology of both the market and media. Although the Bluetooth SIG today is the driver behind Bluetooth technology, Ericsson is still (over 10 years later) perceived as the inventor of the technology.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area for Services - Brand & Strategy.




Ericsson marketing

Brand Management

We lead the selection process of the Bluetooth figure mark. As a result, we were elected as the Bluetooth Brand Manager by the founders of the Bluetooth SIG (including Ericsson, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Toshiba). We negotiated with the global representatives of the founding companies to develop a brand strategy in which both the market and legal aspects were incorporated. During this period, we acted as the official spokesperson in regards to the Bluetooth brand in media briefings and at Bluetooth conferences.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area for Services - Brand & Strategy.




Bluetooth logo

Web & Online Media

In addition to offering own-developed web solutions, we have also worked with contractors that have their own Content Management System (CMS) solutions. Depending on the customer needs, we can provide anything from proprietary to Open Source solutions. We have assisted our customers through their varying needs over time. For two of our customers, we have guided their web projects over several web generations. We are used to working with all kinds of sites from those with only a few visitors per day to those with several thousands of visitors per day.

  • connectBlue web site: For five years, we have led every generation change of connectBlue's web site. Over the years, we have provided the site with new login areas, media room, and product & segment information. Improvements were also achieved in navigation and look & feel. The information became more easily updated through a new CMS tool and visibility on search engines were doubled after a well-planned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation.
  • BopCon web site: Created a visual identity and website from start to finish of BopCon who offers assistance to Swedish companies that want to grow internationally.
  • Newsletter: We have also helped customers move from traditional post /email newsletters to customized online solutions using services from an independent party. When it comes to newsletters, we usually also produce much of the content (both text and imagery) and handle mailings and updates depending on customer needs.
  • Online training: Through tools like Adobe Captivate, we produce solid training tutorials with interactivity. We have produced the scripts, videotaped movies, and put in our own spoken voice-over in fluent Swedish and English.
  • Web graphics and Flash animations: We also daily make web graphics such as banners and everything from basic to advanced Flash presentations with Actionscript.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area for Services - Web & Online Media.





PR & Information

This area is one of our strongest segments and something we work heavily with. Many areas are included in this segment including some of the following accomplishments:

  • Complete PR package: We were responsible for the communication activities around the world's first Bluetooth consumer product - a Bluetooth Headset from Ericsson. At the announcement at Comdex the press kit drew attention to itself for its innovativeness and Bill Gates said, "This is cool" when he tried the headset.
  • Press releases: We create several press releases a year and some can be found on the connectBlue and Bluetooth SIG web sites.
  • Bi-lined articles: We can transform technically advanced content into press friendly articles such as this in Control Engineering and this in Electronic Engineering Journal.
  • Case studies: It is one of the strongest and most effective communication methods for tech companies if they can get their customers to favorably talk about a particular situation you have solved for them. When creating such case studies, we have prepared the questions, interviewed involved parties and written the actual articles. For instance, we have created the case study for Cognimatics on Tally Weijl and all case studies for connectBlue since 2006, including this one on Leica Geosystems.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area for Services - Public Relations & Info.





Graphic Design, Illustrations and Photography

We frequently act as a project manager following the assignment from start to finished product. But throughout this process, we also often go in and carry out specific graphic design tasks.

  • Graphic profile: Although it is not the common practice for us today, we can take on an assignment solely focused on graphic design. For instance, as seen on the example to the right, some years back we modernized the graphic guidelines for Alfa Laval's job ads. At that time no pictures of people were present in any job ads, so the concept was very innovative. We initiated, designed and implemented the new standard which lasted for four years.
  • Photography: In a major photo shoot to update the Bluetooth SIG's portfolio, we led the project choosing the photographer and ensuring the appropriate scenarios were covered. We work with a wide network of skilled photographers, and sometimes you can even find us behind the camera. It all depends on your needs, desired style and budget.
  • Logos: We have created logos from scratch and – as shown on the right – fine-tuned existing logos.
  • Graphic style: Creating entire graphic profile platforms is something we are well familiar with as well as designing individual items such as prints, clipart, web graphics, etc. Big or small. From a complete package to a particular item.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area for Services - Graphic Design.




Graphic design

Sales Promotion

We are focused on helping sales representatives to faster and more effectively close the deal. The sales staff is to have readily available the right material at the right time.

  • Promotion materials: There are few types of promotion materials that we have not been involved in. We have created brochures of various scope and size, direct mail materials, invitations, etc. We have led projects, written and designed numerous types of printed matter.
  • Adverts: As with promotion materials, we have led projects, written and designed numerous of advertisements.
  • PowerPoint: We often help many different types of businesses with their presentation materials. Either we create them from scratch including messaging, text and graphics or we aid in spelling and message consistency checks.
  • Consumer sales materials: For two years, we put together a consumer magazine and sales support material (price lists, product brochures, etc.) for a group of Mary Kay sales representatives in Sweden.
  • Annual Reports: We have led the creation of Bluetooth SIG's Annual Report 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. The creation included everything from material gathering to the text editing and layout. We also initiated the establishment of the Annual Report as a fully online version as of 2008.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area for Services - Sales Materials.




Sales promotion


We have participated in several event projects for various clients, including the Bluetooth SIG's participation in 3GSM World Conference, which is illustrated to the right. In this event, we created the messaging and lead the booth creation, coordinated materials, demos, and discussions with the trade fair organizers. We synchronized visit of 90 member companies, 75 journalists and three analysts.

At connectBlue's participation in the Hanover Fair 2007-2011, we took managed their staff clothing, gifts, invitations, press kits, background drops, etc.

We have also developed Quick Screens (portable large-format signage) as well as posters. In these assignments, we have both formulated messages and designed the signage.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area for services.





Internal Communication

When ABB acquired Alfa Laval Automation, we were responsible for the internal flow and lead the improvement plan. Amongst other things, the work resulted in an internal newsletter and a more user-friendly intranet.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area of Services - Internal Communications.




Internal communication


Within the marketing communications’ team of Alfa Laval Automation, we introduced clearer performance management procedures tied in with the control of tasks and the budget. Thereby costs where cut while competence and motivation also increased.

If you want to take advantage of our experience here, please visit our area for Services - Education.



And there are obviously several more achievements made over the years.

If you are you interested in learning more, please contact us!




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