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About Bjorkebo - full-service marketing communications agency Christina Bjorkander

Björkebo Consulting was founded in 2003 by Christina Björkander whose primary expertise lies in her broad background ranging from graphic design to brand positioning. Very few people can do the actual craft (writing texts or design a logo / website / brochure) while also having the capability of formulating the actual communications process (generate complete and grounded strategies, activity plans and monitoring & evaluation).

Thanks to her complete profile, one typically finds Christina Björkander as a contracted consultant acting on behalf of the client just as any other employee. Thereby Björkebo Consulting becomes the extra resource the client can utilize when its own resources are scarce. Since Björkebo can offer a solid experience in its respective leading-edge area, our clients know that they contract in a highly skilled employee. We deal with both small and simple tasks onto big and ambitious projects. We can work through a quotation on a single project, a fixed hourly rate or a flat monthly rate. Whatever fits the client works for us.

Björkebo is a communications agency - a full-service agency that works with all forms of marketing communications. We do it all - everything from strategic brand consulting to graphic design and text assignments. The company's clients operate in B2B and / or B2C businesses.

Our office is located in Höllviken and our customers are mainly based in Malmö, Lund, and the Öresund region. But we also have customers in other areas of Sweden and even the United States.

You can also find us on our Facebook page and our LinkedIn page.

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